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My name is Bryan Hunt and I have nearly 20 years experience as a Visual Designer.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography and digital design, with a minor in Business Marketing, from Idaho State University.  I am a certified UX Designer as well as a certified Flutter & Dart Developer. 


I have personally completed hundreds of design and image projects, created and designed more than 50 employee training modules, facilitated dozens of courses and trained thousands of people.  I have designed and coded mobile apps as well as responsive websites, worked with dozens of clients and managed multiple teams to complete projects, meet deadlines, improve processes, cut expenses and improve corporate revenue.

My primary design tools have been Figma and Adobe Photoshop, and I am open to new opportunities, challenges and professional growth.

I live in the Phoenix, Arizona East valley and can offer to you my experience as a Visual Designer, UX Designer and Commercial Photographer.

I've successfully published my design work and other projects on the following sites:

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